Exclusive|Actress Ishita Raj Sharma And Subha Rajput Became official Love Advisors For The Youth

Back in the time when our grandparents or parents married, finding a life partner was so much easy because that task was in the hands of their elders. There were multiple reasons as to why the groom or bride had been selected but once tired to together they always stood together. Ups and downs sure come but the trust, the bond between them was/is somehow eternal. They fought/fight for each other and not with each other which we don’t get to see in the millennials these days. The meaning of love for us these days is “right swipe” and “left swipe”! Not just the meaning of love and relationships have changed but also of friendship, with just a single tag, tweet, snap,DM relationships and friendships are ruined.

We are running so fast that we are failing to walk with people who genuinely love us, care for us and always wish the best for us.

In a recent conversation with DKA actress Ishita Raj Sharma and Subha Rajput talked about love, relationships and friendship.

When asked Ishita Raj on Inter Cast Marriages in Indian society, she said, “Now a days parents are pretty chill, We live in a very progression society and love marriages aren’t a taboo anymore. I believe parents should respect their child’s choice. Mujhe Lagta hain love has no language, love has no religion, love has no caste. Pyaar ki ek he bhasha hote hai, Jo Apne hote hote hain aakho aakho Mai he! Toh Jab vo hote hain, fireworks hote hain tab we don’t ask what’s your name, you are Imraan? I am… Geeta, it just happens. Kisse me connect Hona is important and when that happens, religion doesn’t matter.”

Ishita also gave a message to the youth who are so lost and busy in the social world that they just with a click give up on the relationship, she says, “Pyaar Mai na, don’t give up! Agar pyaar hai, you don’t give up and just hold it by the grip kyuke Sacha pyaar bhut Mushkil se milta Hain or agar mill Gaya hai to use pakad ke rakho.”

Actress Subha Rajput talks on how the youth functions in today’s time and how roughly we manage our relationships, she says, “The first thing I want to ask everyone is to not be impulsive. Nowadays people are very impulsive, one thing they read, one tweet, one post and it’s over! They are like, no, it’s not gonna work, it’s not working… Breakup!. Don’t do that, just be patient, try to talk to the other person, just talk. Nowadays we don’t talk anymore there’s a lot of stuff in the head than in real life.
We post before we eat, we click pictures before we greet so rather than that we should live more in the moment, we are falling into an illusion, in a visual world.
I have 234k followers on Instagram but none of them come when I fall sick, they probably don’t even know, they don’t see my sick pictures. I have a bunch of people who look after me and stay with me always. She should stay rooted, grounded and more in the reality than getting lost and carried away, that we need to understand, all of us. “

Both Ishita Raj Sharma and Subha Rajput will be seen in an upcoming movie Yaaram.

Watch the trailer now :

Other than Ishita Sharma and Subha Rajput movie Yaaram includes Prateik Babbar and  Siddhanth Kapoor in lead roles. Yaaram is a Hindi Language drama directed by Ovais Khan under the Yashvvi Films banner and is all set to release on 18 October 2019.

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