Exclusive | “The game jolly has a significance in the movie so we have called it Jolly 1995”, tells Eshaan Shankar

Disney Hotstar+ Short film, Jolly 1995 directed by Ajay Sharm featuring Eshaan Shankar and Nida in central roles is all about finding love and cherishing those moments till eternity.

DKA spoke with Actor Eshaan Shankar about the short film and his experience. Let’s see what he has to share !

Question : Tell us something about your short film Jolly 1995 and your character. Why such a unique title ?

Jolly 1995 is a beautiful love story which is set in 90’s era. And if you remember the game jolly which we all used to play in school, the game jolly has a significance in the movie so we have called it Jolly 1995. About my character, I am playing a role of a school boy who is falling in love with this one girl and at the same time his parents are getting divorced.

Question : The story revolves around the journey of the young couple from 1995, do you think romance has changed over the years?

I personally think romance has become more digital now. The essence of pure love doesn’t exist anymore. Everyone has plenty of options and maybe due to which nobody wants to put in that kind of efforts to retain a love relationship or friendship.

Question : You made your debut with an action movie and now you are doing a romantic drama what difference you feel and which one your will prefer most?

Well Abbas-Mustan launched me in the action drama and now I have played a role of a school boy, the role Which I essayed in jolly 1995 was more challenging to me because we dint have any big commercial resources to attract the audience. So I knew if I gotta attract or convince audience to watch the movie it has to be purely with my acting skills.

Question : Do you feel the love that was in the past generation exists in current generation as well?

Well nowadays people have become more mechanical, not many people believe in human touch or human conversations, everyone is consumed by social media. Love does exist it just that you gotta take some effort to find it.

Question : Tell us about your experience working with the director Ajay Sharma?

Ajay Sharma is a very sorted director, he knows his cinema and he knows exactly what he wants from his actors. It was a wonderful experience working with Ajay.

Question :What kind of response you are getting from the audience over your shortfilm ?

Honestly I never expected I will be getting such a positive response from audience, the amount of tweets and DM’s I have got, I am overwhelmed.

Question : Where can we expect to see you next the big screen or the digital space?

I have already singed couple of films and they all are feature length films. Where will they be released will be completely producers call.

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