EXCLUSIVE | Priyanka Chopra And Shonali Bose Talks About Biases Of Aging and Romance In Cinema

Priyanka Chopra is making a come back in Bollywood after 3 years with director Shonali Bose movie, The Sky Is Pink. The Sky Is Pink is based on the life of the youngest motivational speaker, Aisha Chaudhary and her family.

During a recent conversation with DKA, When asked Priyanka Chopra about the thought of her not looking like a mother of 2 grown up kids and rather more glamorous and bold as she age in the movie, she says, “Me also, just like you, had this thought because of the biases that has been surrounded, that even cinema has taught us, ji jab ek auraat age karte hai toh usse thoda weight put on karna hai, make-up-wake-up kyu karna hai, Aisa thode hota hai, leken Aisa hota hai, kyun nahi?”, Priyanka asked Shonali Bose about her age to which Shonali proudly and happily said, ” My children are 25 and 21 years old and I am 54“. Priyanka continue to answer saying, ” I actually suggested, ki yaar jab age karte hai na, 45 ki Umar Mai toh weight put on Kar Lena chahea, makeup kum Kar dena chahea and Shonali scolded me so loudly, saying look at me, Mai rooz yoga karte hu, Mai make up karte hu, kyun nahi? And Aditi Chaudhary Jo hai, I met her and you should Google her, unke philosophy Hain ek bhoot ache hai, that you had should also apply in life “When life sucks,look like a million bugs!” She believes it, agar aap zindagi ki mushkilo se jooj rahe ho why do you have to show that? I want to feel happy, look happy, Aditi says and this is also Shonali’s philosophy. So, this was very important to her to change the misconception ki jab ek ladhki ya ek lady age karte hai toh unko bura lagna kyu zaroori hai? The guys are making muscles in the age of 50’s but ladkio Ko enne bolna hai ki aap makeup kyu Kar rahi hai ye kyu vo kyu?”

She also added, “It’s a very conscious thought and I have schooled myself on that because when I checked myself , my mom, she is always well dressed, her hair are perfect, so i learned this through the movie”

Shonali on the same said, “In the movie, in the early years, she (Priyanka) is seen in a simple in jeans t-shirt, her hair are pulled back but as she grows she is completely opposite, in her early 40’s she is absolutely glamorous, her husband’s earning well and she believes and embodied it.”

Priyanka Chopra also talk about how cinema has never showed the romance at a growing age, post children romance, she said, “The 2 things that were very important for Shonali were – 1st, the aging look part and 2nd, the chemistry between Niren and Aditi. We always show romance in an early age and never in 40’s and 50’s, Aditi and Niren, in real life, still have that romance and chemistry, they are flirty with each other, naughty and teasing with each other and in cinema we have never shown that and that was very important for shonali to show that people can have intimacy, can have love and romance as they age, even after having children”

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The film is produced by Ronni Screwvala and Siddharth Roy Kapur and is now in your near by and far off cinema halls.

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