Exclusive | Pop-star Arzutra Garielle talk about her music journey and new plans

The Indian origin British pop-star, Arzutra Garielle, who sings in Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi has recently released a song “Manchali” dedicated to #girlpower in an exclusive conversation with Aarushi kaushik spoke about her journey and new plans.

Question : When did you ever decided that you want to become a singer?
When I broke up with my ex-boyfriend I was feeling so low so I signed up for singing lessons. I didn’t have the expectation that I was going to be a singer but I was desperate to just pass my time and I started to really enjoy my singing lessons.
I didn’t really know music was my calling until I started hearing people say my voice is really nice and that’s when I just followed the path of music by making my first few songs and my first every music video in 2015. There’s been a lot to learn on the journey but its been fun.

Question : Tell us something about your Journey ?
Its been a journey of mixed emotions really. It’s taken a lot of perseverance and commitment to stick to one thing for so long. I am the kind of person that gets bored really easily and often I have been tempted to set up another business or do something different. I made a commitment to myself to follow this journey through and that’s what I am doing. I have loved making music and the recordings. I love working with my Producer Atif Ali as we are experimenting so much as of late. I feel like I have learned a lot on this journey but there is so much more to learn. The thing I love the most is reading fan comments on my social media. Its amazing building my own empire. It outweighs any of the challenges such as the hard work that is needed. Generally I work 11 hour days on my music. Music has taken over my life. So far in a good way though!

Question: Being a pop singer, your interest lies into Bollywood, tell us about the amazing connection you have with Bollywood ?
I became obsessed with Bollywood when my father had me sat next to him when I was little, and he used to watch all the bollywood movies. I could never understand Hindi but I used to love the songs. The melodies were all I could understand. They became imprinted in me since childhood. I have never been a fanatic about the movies – only ever the songs. Really and truly speaking Bollywood for me is about melody and music. So I used to listen to Shreya Ghoshal and Lata Ji. They have become a big inspiration musically for me.

Question : Being an outsider you always create your own song rather than singing cover songs, for you how much challenging is that ?
I find it harder to sing cover songs simply because you already have a baseline to compete with. The bar is already raised and you have to compete whether you like it or not. It becomes a competition. When I am singing my own songs I never really feel like I am competing or have something to prove. I rather not skip all of that feeling which can make me feel inadequate and work on original songs where I start a fresh with no one to compete against.

Question : Do you feel Bollywood is welcoming outside talents ?
I don’t know really. I would have to try to get in touch with Amir Khan to find out.

Question :Whom do you look up to as your only inspiration in Bollywood and why ?
My only biggest inspiration in Bollywood is Shreya Ghoshal as she is a truly talented being. Her voice is magical and I often practice trying to sing like her. The way she carries the emotion of every word she sings is really inspiring. People used to say I have no emotion in my voice so that’s what I was desperate to learn from Shreya Ji.

Question : You songs always have an unique title, from where do you get the idea of such unique titles ?
The titles come from the chorus mostly & I like to keep my titles short.

Question : Tell us something about your to be latest releasing song ‘Manchali’
Manchali is a destination and a journey. The destination being the final point where I made it to the big stage and the journey being the things that I had to experience to get to the destination. Manchali is about empowering others to dream and to have the courage to follow their dreams just like I did. It’s a deeper message to live your dreams.

Question : What made you choose such a unique title Manchali ?
The song was written after I was undergoing counselling sessions when I was at an all time low in my life. The lyricist came up with the idea for Manchali & I loved the melody & composition. I loved the musical vibe of the song too. Of course I had to get the word ‘Manchali’ translated as I didn’t know what it meant.

Question : Manchali song concept is based on women empowerment, what made you choose this concept this time ?
As a singer it’s important to step out of your comfort zone. I really want to make music which represents all my moods. I want to be versatile plus Manchali is my way of breaking the routine of love songs before I return with them again in 2021. (Hint Hint)

Question: What is women empowerment for you ?
Womens empowerment is about freedom. Every woman should be free to live they life they want to live. Being a woman should be about letting your wild side out without being judged. Women should live limitless however we live in a world where we are interrogated on our every move. Women should be respected for who they are not for their bodies. We need to go deep into ourselves and search for the beautiful things that help us find self love. We need to do a lot of work to find the goddesses within us. That is true womens empowerment.

Question : Do we see you in future singing a song in a Bollywood movie?
I would like to think so. It would be a dream come true although it’s not at the top of my to do list for 2021.

Question : What’s next in bucket for you ?
The 2nd Album is on the way in the first half of 2021. I do have some collabs on the bucket list for 2021 as well as my all time favourite Valentines song being launched.

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