Esha Gupta calls out on the guy who was misbehaving with her last night through her social media platforms

Yesterday Esha Gupta stepped out with her friends for an outing when she called out on hotelier named Rohit Vig of inappropriate behaviour. Esha Gupta took to social media to voice her displeasure over the hotelier’s behaviour in public. Esha also went on to say that he was raping her with his eyes, hinting towards Vig’s unacceptable behaviour towards the actress.

Esha Gupta further added that Rohit Vig’s body language was more than enough to make her feel very violated and unsafe while she was out with friends. On Twitter Esha Gupta posted a message that if she feels so unsafe then what would the other girls feel when they step out. Esha further stated that men like the hotelier need to be taught a strict lesson.

Esha Gupta also posted a story on her Instagram stating that some men do not know how to behave in public and need to be taught manners. She said with respect to the incident at the hotel, she is very thankful that she had her security with her, who were patiently handling the situation. She went on to call the accused a rapist for staring at the actress in an inappropriate manner. Esha Gupta made sure that she finds out the name of this person and later she posted it for everyone to know about it.Look at the screenshots from Esha’s Instagram story –

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