Country Inn launches The Billionaire Card with actress Mannara Chopra in the national capital on the auspicious occasion of Baisakhi

CCHHL is India’s largest leisure and entertainment conglomerate. It has 53 clubs across India and abroad with over 4 lakh members and had offered more than 1.20 lakh rooms nights ( holidays ) to it’s members. The company is recognised by LIMCA BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS as “India’s biggest chain of family club.”

At New Delhi on 3 April 2019 at country club hospitality & holidays Ltd (CCHHL), India’s market leader in leisure and entertainment space, has announced it’s latest and best product offering – The Billionaire Cards.

According to CCHHL chairman Mr Y Rajeev Reddy, the success of Millionaire cards spurred the company to offer an even more prestigious product offering to the discerning members.

The billionaire cards are offered in two variants – BILLIONAIRE CARD and BILLIONAIRE PREMIUM.

Billionaire premium card is priced at Rs 2,50,000/- and offers lifetime country club membership. It’s offers 6 nights and 7 days holidays for 30 years. Priced at Rs 1,85,000/- Billionaire card too offers lifetime county club membership. It’s other key features include 6 nights and 7 days holidays got 30 years.

Also existing members introducing two new members under Millionaire Premium membership category of Rs 65000 can upgrade their memberships to Billionaire card.

Mr Reddy pointed out that both the Millionaire and Billionaire cards will help CCHHL reach one million membership cards in the next five to seven years. CCHHL, which recently celebrated 25 years of existence, has current membership base of 4 Lakh member families.

Mr Reddy pointed out that henceforth the company would integrate social media in all it’s promotional activities. He announced that this year CCHHL had entered into partnership with actress Shefali Zariwala to promote brand Country Club through social media channels.

County clubs are known for the fitness and clubbing facilities they offer, as also for star-studded high profile entertainment events they organize all throughout the year for it’s members.

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