Ayush Gupta predicts about Jasmin Bhasin’s ‘Bigg Boss’ journey!

Jasmin Bhasin is currently locked inside the “Bigg Boss” house. The actress has given a tough competition even to the male contestants of the reality show. A self-made star, she also enjoys a huge fan following with over two million followers on Instagram. And young reiki healer and tarot card reader, Ayush Gupta, has predicted that the actress has a long way to go in the “Bigg Boss” house.After a tarot card reading, Ayush predicted, “She is a very positive and optimistic person who knows how to handle every situation. Many times she doesn’t want to speak in certain situations because she doesn’t want to get engaged in arguments or create problems, so she keeps quiet. That’s her nature. She doesn’t like arguments and if she sees someone fighting she tries her best to solve it. The cards show that people consider her an inspiration because she is self-made and whatever she has achieved, she has done it all by herself. It shows that she has done a lot of hard work to create this name and fame. She is extremely talented and hardworking and she is getting the result of her hard work.”Predicting about her “Bigg Boss” journey, he said, “The cards show that in the initial weeks she will face some ups and downs. Like I mentioned before, she is a person who doesn’t want to create problems or fights, she is very calm, so according to the cards, I can say that the first two-three weeks will be normal, and if she handles these properly, then it will be her time. The audience will support her and will shower more love on her. They will also protect her from evictions because her aura is very positive and her journey in ‘Bigg Boss’ will be a long one. The card is 10 of cups and king of pentacles so definitely she will get audiences love, fame, and money.”He further added, “In the past, something might have happened which still affects her and she still thinks of that, so because of that she is a little confused, and if she survives the first two-three weeks, then her journey in ‘Bigg Boss’ will be amazing.”Jasmin is undoubtedly one of the strongest contestants in the “Bigg Boss” house. She has an emotional side too, and she doesn’t shy away from showing it to the world. She is as real as she can be, and she knows how to fight for herself like a boss.

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