” I felt sad when i read that. I felt that somewhere, she had to take that decision. It is not her decision.” – Anupum kher share this views on Zaira Wasim quitting bollywood

Recently, Dangal actress Zaira Wasim quit her film career due to some personal reason. According to her, the acting field was a disruption in her faith and religion. A statement on her social media read, “Five years ago, I made a decision that changed my life forever. As I stepped my foot in Bollywood, it opened doors of massive popularity for me. I started to become the prime candidate of public attention, I was projected as the gospel of the idea of success and was often identified as a role model for the youth.
The national award winning actress sighted her work interfering with her religion as the reason behind her taking such a decision. Her decision has been met with both support and criticism from both the industry insiders and the audience.

In a recent media interaction, Anupam Kher was asked about the same issue. He said, “I think it’s a tragedy. I think it’s a tragedy that a 16-17 year old girl has to take a decision like that. I do respect her sentiments, I do respect that it’s her individual choice. But as a person i feel sad she had to take a decision like this of her flourishing career. On one hand, we talk about women empowerment and on the other hand we say that it’s not like that. Personally, i feel she should not have done that. But she is an independent girl and our country gives everybody a fundamental right to choose what they want to choose.”
But the fact that she has gone all out to sort of say that I am doing it for religion or something like that..its a certain amount of tilt which has gone into it. She is most welcomed to take her decision. I felt sad when i read that. I felt that somewhere, she had to take that decision. It is not her decision.” he further added.

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Several personalities had also criticized the statement and dismissed the accounts being hacked as a mere excuse.

However Zaira has come clear about the rumours. The actress dismissed the reports and said that her accounts were not hacked and is managed by herself. Zaira tweeted, “This to clarify that none of my social media accounts were or are hacked and are being handled by me personally. Kindly refrain from believing or sharing claims that state otherwise! Thanks.

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