And after seven long years Shehzada Dhami did this

“Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka!” fame Shehzada Dhami’s name speaks royalty, and so does his stylish looks. But the actor recently trimmed his full-grown moustache for a stubble after almost seven years, and is still looking charming as ever.

“I did it after seven years, and though it feels different, I am loving the new look. I had to give a look test and got it done for that. I am not upset because I know I can grow it anytime,” he said.

We all agree that not everyone can rock a moustache so effortlessly and still look so handsome, but the actor said that it’s time the world saw him sporting different looks too.

“It’s not easy to carry a moustache. People have told me that even with that I never looked arrogant or dominating sort of, it went well with my face and I pulled it off really well. But now even I wanted my fans and followers to see me in a different look. I love moustaches and can grow it anytime, but I also want people to see me without it and see that I can be the same good-looking guy even without a moustache,” Shehzada said.

Well, Shehzada you are definitely nailing this new look too, and moustache or no moustache your female fans will still go gaga over you.

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