Actress Ravethy alleged that Siddique made ‘verbal sexual offerings’ to her when she was at the age of 21

Last year #MeToo movement took social media by storm with many women from different sections of life shared their horrifying experiences. Many actresses from theIndian film industry also made shocking revelations and exposed the culprits on social media platforms.

Recently, actress Actor and model Revathy Sampath has alleged that actor Siddique misbehaved with her in 2016. Revathy wrote a post on Facebook about the incident which allegedly happened in Thiruvananthapuram after a preview of Siddique’s film Sukhamariyathe. Revathy, who was 21 years old at the time, has alleged that Siddique made ‘verbal sexual offerings’ to her. Revathy, who has acted in Rajesh Touchriver’s Telugu-Odiya film Patnagar, had earlier raised allegations of sexual harrasment against the director.

She also questioned in her post if Siddique’s daughter who is of the same age is safe in his hands? She wrote, “What will you do if the same thing happens with your daughter,Mr.Siddique? How can a man like him can point fingers against a prestigious &privileged collective WCC.”

Revathy has received mixed reactions over her accusation on Malayalam actor Siddique. While some have spoken in support of the actress, a section of people has bashed the budding actress for putting out the false accusation to gain publicity.

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