A few gunshots created many stories : Batla House teaser

The teasers of John Abraham starrer Batla House are out. In the two promos, we get a glimpse of the tense drama the Nikkhil Advani directorial promises.

The action-drama is based on the 2008 Batla House encounter in which two suspects were killed, the other two arrested, while another suspect escaped. During the shootout, encounter specialist Mohan Chand Sharma had also died.


In the first teaser, we see a proper shootout take place in a confined room with John Abraham’s voiceover in the end saying, “Uss din kya hua Batla House mein, kya hum galat the? Kya main galat tha? (Whatever happened in Batla House on that fateful day, were we in the wrong? Was I wrong?).

As the first promo concludes, a few lines appear on the screen which reads, “In 2008, a few gunshots created many stories. Eleven years later, we give you the real story.”


In another promo, news announcers are heard saying that the government is involved in some kind of mix-up to cover who was killed in the encounter and that in all probability, innocent students were murdered. The video comes to an end with John saying, “Hum nahi kehte ki wo students nai the, magar kya wo bekasur the?”

Batla House features John Abraham as DCP Sanjeev Kumar Yadav, while Mrunal Thakurplays his wife in the action thriller.Batla House is slated for an August 15 release.

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