90’s the golden age of cartoons

I am 21 and I still sometimes prefer binging on cartoons than on Netflix. Being a 90’s kid I feel sad for the new generation kids who have to endure watching cartoons which aren’t half the fun and educational as the cartoons of 90’s were. And I really wish for favourite cartoons to come back on air.

Here’s a list of my favourite cartoons


Being a girly show it had a huge male following. The result of a chemical reaction had these super girls come to life, only to rock the cartoon network.

2. Johnny Bravo

Elvis like voice, beefcake body and pompadour like hair – Johnny bravo who taught us how not to hit on girls !

3. Recess

The interaction between 6 kids and the other students and teacher in the school ground in the recess. This show was and always will be ahead of our time.

4. Dexter’s Laboratory

The unbelievably huge underground laboratory, genius lad and the bully sister were loved so much in 90’s

5. The Scooby-Doo show

Every dog lover has a wish- to get a real talking dog. This show had a talking great dane and his caretakers who were always solving weirdest and alien cases in the most hilarious way possible.

6. The Flintstones

The only reason I want to visit stone age is this stone. I mean, tell me how entertaining can stone age be but these guys just make i want to go back and live there.

8. Popeye The Sailor

The only cartoon that taught kids about the importance and taste of spinach!

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