8 things I learned from Rachel Green about being a grown up

After 10 years of laughter, tear and so many emotions F.R.I.E.N.D.S remains the best show I’ll binge on to. It has the best one liners, jokes, plots , situations that help me get over my long day and also help me learn alot as a grown up. The importance romance and friendship is surely on the top of the list but I think I admire Rachel Green the most in the entire series.

When we think a Rachel the first thing that cross our mind is the sense of fashion she has. But that’s not just it, you might be asking yourself how the most stuck-up, spoiled, daddy’s girl of the bunch could know anything about real life, but trust me, Rach knows all. Okay, she doesn’t know everything, but she did have the harshest wake up call to becoming an adult. So in Rachel I trust, being a young adult women I can sometimes relate to her and always take a few tips, and so can you !
Rachel learned the hard way that being a grown up is NOT easy. She is actually the unsung hero of the Friends squad, after picking herself up and actually making something out of herself beginning in season one. She came a long way throughout the series and basically became my life coach.
I know she’s flawed, sassy and mean at times, but she’s just like every other young adult out there, trying to find her way. Here are 8 things I learn from Rachel Green

1. You have to risk a few things in order to achieve greater things

I often feel sad for not doing things like people of my age do but I also feel proud of myself for risking that life and enjoying the one I have today. And we all know Rachel wouldn’t be Rachel if she hadn’t ran away from her wedding with Barry.

2. Doing your laundry for the first time and messing it up is alright but doing it with full conviction is what matters

Growing up I remember doing my laundry on my own sometimes (emergencies) but now that I live alone, away from home it’s kind of on my weekly list and it can get messy and scary, sometimes. So I can totally relate to why Rachel had to sit in the cart and feel scared. But in the end completing the task is what matters! And sometimes you might even get kissed 😉

3. Finding true friends that care for you is the most difficult task you’ll ever come across.

Sure we all have friends we can hang out with but you know what I am talking about – holding each other,sticking together like family. When Rachel leaves Barry at the alter, her maid of honor goes on her honeymoon with him — AKA she’s a bad friend. But, when Rachel looks up her former BFF Monica, and makes the choice to try to rekindle their friendship, she finds good friends that last a lifetime. Here I get jealous of her because friends like her are rare to find.

4. Settling for something less before the real opportunities comes, will only make you stronger

Okay, Central Perk wouldn’t be the worst place to work, but it’s still a coffee shop. Rachel had to swallow her pride and get any job she could to pay rent, which sadly comes with being a grown up.

5.Sticking to a budget is no cake walk and paying taxes? Uggh.

You sure love hanging out with your friends,going to movies and fancy dinners and all where you sometimes don’t even eat that much and still have to split the bill, how unfair? So it’s time for all of us to stand up like Rachel, Joey and Phoebe and only pay for what you eat because paying taxes from your paycheck is already happening and you can’t even split it!

6. Dating a co-worker is not great idea

Working as a journalist and being the boss I get to meet soo many dreamily hot guys but every time I wanna go up and talk with them, I remember that I have to meet them again and again and again after that and it will only end up like the situation of Rachel and Tag.

7. It is okay to fall in embarrassment to keep that fun quotient in life sky-high

We embarrass ourselves in front of people we love but if that makes them run away from you then maybe you don’t need them at all. And we all need embarrassing moments to laugh on later, so it’s okay girl!

8. Saying goodbye is way harder than you’d think.

When Rachel goes to leave for Paris, which was heartbreaking enough, the goodbyes pulled at my heartstrings. Even saying goodbye to Chandler, who can’t take anything seriously, was a tearjerker. Leaving people behind, no matter how exciting the next adventure is, is really freaking depressing. And it’s not just in reel life but so in real.

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