5 reasons why we need to binge watch Korean shows this weekend

Korean shows, also known as K-dramas are made in South Korea and have recently gained alot of popularity, thanks to Netflix!

They are full of food, fashion, romance so if you have no plans for weekend, like me, then here’s 5 reasons why you should binge on them this weekend

1. Korean shows expose us to an entirely new culture

We are so drawn towards America and it’s coolness that we never bothered looking forward. K-dramas stick to their hometown rituals, food and fashion , making us aware about its customs and culture. Also they make women centric shows, educating the world.

2. They are short and sweet

Unlike American / Indian shows which go on and on from season to season, Korean show are made with definite plot and the season is over with one season (even if one season continues episode 300 !)

3. They make us crave for food and try different fashion styles

The Korean drama involves so much of food in its episode that we will be craving the Korean food by the end of the episode but you should avoid watching them if you are on a deit. And the fashion, it’s all innovative and unique that you’ll be moved to try something new with your hair and wardrobe.

4. The rom-com unfold special twists

You’ll start the show thinking it’s some college romance moving in you’ll see some ghosty, werewolfly stuff but trust me you’ll love if even more.

5. We need to try something new

It’s time we try some new entertainment other than F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Naagin. Also, they have cute guys, who will make your weekend worthy.


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