5 Essentials You Should Surely Carry In Your Bag This Summer

What’s in your bag?

Dehydration is a real concern and should be prevented, but so is bad and washed out skin, sweat, and pollution. And we don’t always have access to a washroom or a powder room, but what we do have access to is our bag and our purses. So we should be summer smart and carry a certain number of essentials with us wherever we go.
Summer calls for a lot of care for a lot of things – your skin, your eyes, your health.

1) Facial Wipes

After a long, sweaty day in the sun, you will be thankful to have some facial wipes on hand. These provide a quick and easy way to refresh yourself as you transition from day to night. Wipe the slate clean and you’ll feel brand new!

2) Perfume or deodorant

I think we can all agree that by the time we reach work these days, it feels like we all need another shower. So to at least get a semblance of freshness,we must carry an antiperspirant, a deodorant or a miniature perfume.

3) Shades and scarves

Your eyes and skin need external, and fashionable form of protection from the sun as well. Which is why carrying head scarves and glares becomes essential. Buy shades that block UV rays and you are good to go.

4) Water

Redundant to be said but just as important; make sure you always have a small supply of H2O wherever you go in the summer. God forbid you end up in a place where you can’t find any drinkable water.

5) Sunscreen

Not just the harmful rays of the sun, skin blotchiness and discolouration can also be avoided with the right SPF sunscreen (30) you can protect your skin loads.

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