Anushka Sharma started a campaign against animal cruelty #JusticeForAnimals

Actress – Producer Anushka Sharma has never failed to express her love for animals and always support the wrong done towards them.

The incident of Lucky (A dog was badly beaten up and died) that took place in Mumbai has deeply affected the actress.

Highlighting several other gruesome cases of animal atrocities across India, Anushka posted a note demanding policy change.Anushka Sharma on 10th August,2019 took her Instagram and started a campaign demanding stricter laws against animal cruelty.The campaign has been named #JusticeForAnimals

Anushka said: “Lucky was not the only one who faced inhuman cruelty. There are several more cases of dogs being mercilessly attacked and killed across our country. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 needs to be amended to provide #JusticeForAnimals – we need immediate attention and action on this. There’s a need for #StricterLawsAgainstAnimalCruelty.

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