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Arti Mittal

Arti Mittal

Arti Mittal, an author, writer, entrepreneur & motivational speaker is one of the most influential women in today’s era. She has walked a very long journey which had plethora of obstacles. Being a strong woman, she had fought many battles in life which did not stop her. The first step of her journey started when she was 15 years old. The family experienced hard times due to financial crisis and ill health of their mother. Little Arti used to take tuitions and did packaging in a factory along with her studies. This way, she looked after her siblings. In the year 1990, she started her job as a teacher. Later, she got married to Samarth Mittal. While continuing with her job, she completed her studies in MSc Entomology. This wasn’t easy for her, as the family she lived with had certain limitations and followed orthodoxy.
All the difficulties experienced by Arti, did not affect her much as she believes in bringing positive change wherever she goes. She started the first play school of Aligarh in the year 2000 with a new concept. The beginning seemed difficult but she continued to be a fighter of her circumstances. Today the play school has grown into Senior Secondary CBSE School having two branches. With the ongoing success, Arti tried to bring more facilities for children in the rural areas. She provided schooling especially to the girls of those area making sure that no admission fee is being taken. Being such a divine soul, Arti started to held Pathshala for the rag pickers, with whom she was emotionally attached.

Arti’s dedication towards her change bringing initiatives have made her strong in the long run. She is now a motivational story teller, motivating the teenagers & writes stories providing voice on social issues. This warrior did not stop to contribute goodness in the nature as well. She works as a green mentor spreading awareness on waste management. She has also constructed a guard room which contains 4000 waste plastic bottles. The room is filled with waste fly ash and proves to be beneficial for hilly areas, earthquake prone areas and on borders acting as a bullet proof with insulation properties. She has made her school consisting of zero waste by segregating all the wastes in separate units. The green waste is used in making manures, paper waste is shredded to make handmade paper or papier mache and the dry waste is either used for creative craft purposes or handed over to rag pickers.

Other developing initiatives include- pipe composting in which women can use their kitchen waste for making compost, tree relocation in which trees can be relocated instead of being cut, starting free crockery bank in which free crockery are provided for gatherings rather than using plastics or disposables, rain water harvesting along with her husband who is a civil engineer, planting trees and motivating children for the same along with starting awareness campaigns for being hygienic and healthy, using waste coconut shells for decorating purposes like making planters. In addition to this, green periods on every Wednesday are made for children. Having done PHD on the topic Gold from Garbage, Arti is a certified green mentor for health and hygiene. Apart from her works on greenery, she also focuses on women empowerment by educating them, paying their fees & conducting skill trainings for them.

Professional career:

Director and Principal of Mothers Touch Sr Sec School 

Vice President of Sahodhya Group of schools Aligarh

Treasure of Public-School Development association

Coordinator of Nirbhaya (Free taekowando academy for girls)

President of Manavadhikar Human Rights Association women cell Aligarh

Founder of Hitashi, a women organization which works for women upliftment and education

Co-Founder of Shartakshi, a literary group to promote Indian literature

Seed Member of Literary Society of India

Panellist of Aprajita (Amar ujala) (Mission 1 million smiles by Yogi ji)

Honorary member of Abhivera Foundations

Founder of Mothers Touch Savera (school for underprivileged children)

Certified Green Mentor Health and Hygiene

Motivational story teller (fb motivation grid)

Motivational story writer

Write poetries and songs

Run free Crockery Bank to stop use of disposables

"Devotion" in God
"Dedication" in work
"Discipline" in life
"Determination" in attitude
Turn " Dreams " into reality
And Define a success story

Arti Mittal