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Anmol rishte:

The book- Anmol Rishte is a collection of different emotional stories which reflects various types of relations an individual comes across.

Arti Mittal

Arti Mittal

Arti Mittal, an author, writer, entrepreneur & motivational speaker is one of the most influential women in today’s era. She has walked a very long journey which had plethora of obstacles. Being a strong woman, she had fought many battles in life which did not stop her. The first step of her journey started when she was 15 years old. The family experienced hard times due to financial crisis and ill health of their mother. Little Arti used to take tuitions and did packaging in a factory along with her studies. This way, she looked after her siblings. In the year 1990, she started her job as a teacher. Later, she got married to Samarth Mittal. While continuing with her job, she completed her studies in MSc Entomology. This wasn’t easy for her, as the family she lived with had certain limitations and followed orthodoxy.

All the difficulties experienced by Arti, did not affect her much as she believes in bringing positive change wherever she goes. She started the first play school of Aligarh in the year 2000 with a new concept. The beginning seemed difficult but she continued to be a fighter of her circumstances.  

Being a strong woman, Arti has certain ideologies. These include:




"Devotion" in God
"Dedication" in work
"Discipline" in life
"Determination" in attitude
Turn " Dreams " into reality
And Define a success story

Arti Mittal
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Anmol rishte:

The book- Anmol Rishte is a collection of different emotional stories which reflects various types of relations an individual comes across. Relations symbolize human emotions. Some relations are blood relations while some relations flourish through emotions. Sometimes, the emotional relations play an important role more than the blood relations. In reality, there are no conditions in a relationship, but it is the love and trust which keeps a relationship alive. To keep a relation fresh & energetic, it’s important to feed that relation with the infusion of feelings. In our daily life, we always come across new relations building up or old ones breaking out. The stories in the book are formed from the imaginary flight that the authoress’s mind has travelled through while coming across the stories of various relations.

The authoress has tried to rejuvenate the relations through her pen’s ink. Stories have different colours like the ones in rainbow which suffer through various stages of dispersion and leaves a deep impact on our intuitions. The authoress has expressed her gratitude to Dr. Punam Batra, Manisha Yadava “Mani”, and Meenakshi Jain whose fellowship not only inspired her to write but also provided her the guidance in her journey. She is passing on her collection to her readers with the hope that they will let go of her mistakes and try to understand the depth of her emotions. She wants to seek an apology if through her emotions, she would have indirectly hurt someone. The characters taken in this book are imaginary. The words have been collected in easy and simple language to make a string of pearls where the facilitator is the string of relations made of emotions. She had never even imagined that she would be presenting her imagination, her thoughts and her emotions in the form of stories before her readers. While the stories were taking up their real forms, her heart was expressing its gratitude to all those people who have provided her guidance somehow in life and helped her to move ahead in her life.

She also mentioned that her parent’s upbringing and ideals have provided her the strength to understand and analyse the depth of relationships. Her life partner who has always guided her and walked together with her, inspired her to move ahead. Her children, “Ashna and Saksham” who have always encouraged her morale. 

Someone has rightly said, “Jaisi sangat, waisi rangat”- she got a stage and direction in writing since she has joined “Kavyam” & “Shartakshi”.

Work-life balance & Achievements:

According to Arti, there is no age limitation on learning. While hustling for her necessities, she had to ignore her hobbies. But now she has all the possibilities of working on them. She loves to write stories & poetries. In addition to this, she loves travelling, learning various dialects and knowing customs of various culture. She also loves to paint (fb page- Roshni), sing, write songs and compose music.


Arti has achieved almost everything by hustling and fighting for what is right. It’s an obvious fact that she deserves a lot for her pure intentions and good initiatives. Here are some of her achievements:

Prathma award for education

Aligarh Gaurav Shri award

India Inspiring education Enterpneur

Power Pillar Award

Karmyogi Award

Real Super Woman Award

India Star Award

Naari Shakti Award

Innovation in Education Award

Achiever’s award

Best Principal Award

Azad Bharat ki Azad Naari Award

Best CGR Award

Best President Award

Best Secretary Award

Women warrior award

Tejasvini award

Green Mentor certificate

Inspiring school climate award (for school)


Top ten educationist of Aligarh

Women excellency award

Women of Substance award

Mirror of Society award

Motivational speaker

Swatantra naari award

Women excellency award

Impact woman award from AMU

Women innovator 2022 award